OK folks... I know everyone is getting antsy... I am too.

I talked to Luke Yesterday to add the 5th spool, yes thats right, 12,000' of dynaglide, to the order. He told me the order is supposed to ship this week. I dont have any tracking information or contact at NER.

I DO have the original CC receipt Luke sent me for the first 4 spools and supposed to be getting the receipt for the 5th spool sometime in the next day or two.

I am hoping it will only take me a day or two to get it all divied up, and then possibly another day to get it all shipped. I have had a couple offers to help and I may take advantage of that.

I have devised what I think is going to be the easiest way of counting this all out. I am going to stake out 100' between 2 stakes. 1 stake will have a pulley on it. What Im going to do is take the rope out to the pulley and then bring it back to the first stake. That will be 200'. Ill mark the line coming off the spool with a piece of tape to indicate 200'. I have made up a winder out of a 6" PVC cap that I have attached a barbed fitting into some threads I tapped into the center of the cap. Insert that into the trusty Dewalt Gear reduced drill..... I hope.

Once the tape makes it back to the first stake, I know I have 200'. For 400' Ill just repeat.