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It's a shame. Nowadays every customer counts, even the little guys. We weren't even the little guys in this instance. I'd be interested to know if these people understand or care how far reaching their poor CS really goes.

I don't know how many buyers are in this group buy but the whole forum is now fully aware of their business practices.

Silence is the greatest form of contempt - I have removed them from my bookmarks but they are earmarked for a "Stay away from them" if I'm asked my opinion of the company.
I agree. However... I dont want to jump to any conclusions. There could be many reasons why it takes 3 weeks to ship out 12,000 feet of rope. Perhaps they are resting on their laruels. A bad way of conducting business.

And I cant blame it on treestuff.com. All the orders Ive placed with them have shipped next day.

There are 55 buyers.... And its gettting awfully close to Christmas. I ended up having to buy some of the 150' hanks because things were backing up here with orders.

I thank everyone for their patience. I know this experience has already left a bad taste in my mouth....