... here's my dream hammock.

but i'm just a dreamer, not a maker, unfortunately. i wondered if anyone would consider making and selling me a hammock like this -- my goal is to have a crazy light-as-possible but comfortable, easy to use fall/winter/spring hammock. maybe under 3 pounds?:
1. start with a shortish length 250 lb capacity gathered end hammock, add a ridge line and set up for HH style tree huggers. (I do think this still is the absolute lightest suspension...)
2. take a marker and mark 3" above my body line when lying on the diagonal.
3. use 800+ down and make a baffled UQ which only covers the bottom of the hammock to the marker line, and only has dwr fabric on the bottom -- using the quilt fabric for the top side of the UQ to save wieght. The UQ will only cover my profile plus the 3"...
4. make a TQ with foot box which is sewn onto the hammock just below the marker line on one side of the quilt -- to make a tight seal. Plan on wearing a psolar facemask and jrb down hood.
5. here's the wierdest part --make a partial tarp which is sewn onto the same side as the TQ, with a skirt of about 8 or 10 inches which hangs down past the edge of the hammock. The partial tarp is fastened HH style to the ridge line, and then only staked on one side -- so that the protected area is ONLY on one side of the hammock, and can be a bit bigger than skimpy. Why waste tarp on two sides?

crazy or what?