Recently I bought some fleece lined snow pants that fit perfectly except for the in-seam being several inches too long. Being short and round has disadvantages. My aunt and the two places that do alterations do not want to sew it because there is an elasticized boot gaiter inside the adjustable outer pant leg.

I don't care about the boot gaiter, cut them loose. Hem them in with the rest of the pant leg. It doesn't matter to me. What I don't want is the pant leg dragging the ground and getting muddy because I sleep in them while camping.

Obviously, I'd pay to ship them and would expect there to be a reasonable price for the actual work. Turn around time isn't necessarily important, but I'd like to be able to make sure they fit before Mt Rogers hang in January.

There are two pair of them. I will have someone help me measure them and I'll try to mark them or I'll include the measurement that the in seam needs to be (I realize it's different for pants depending on how high the in seam goes).