We've been thinking of something like an old-time nightshirt. Maybe 1 or 2 layers.

TeeDee cut up his experimental Insultex Bridge (we learned a lot from that) and tried the Mitten pattern from Thru-Hiker - DWR ripstop on the outside and no lining, just the Insultex. triple layer. When it was finished we were pretty sure the pattern is fashioned for an 8 yr old or younger with really, really small hands. On her daily morning walk, one of the women of the house tried the single mitten he made. Her only comment - she didn't like the Insultex against her skin - felt too scratchy. She was wearing a skiing mitten on the other hand. This was on a day that it was very damp, wind blowing and in the low to mid 30s. Asked if her hand was warm? She didn't really think about so she didn't know - in other words her hand wasn't cold.