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Thread: Chat anyone

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    As things are now on HF, a member's response is normally done as a permanent record, therefore (hopefully) causing members to give a little more thought before posting.
    Of course there is the opportunity to edit your posts w/ in a limited time (3 days I believe), but still, the goal is to leave a recorded conversation between members, and hopefully it will be thoughtful & helpful.

    My impression w/ "chatting" is that thoughts will more often be thrown out w/ less thought, especially since we are behind keyboards & not face to face
    Therefore, I would think it would lend it's self to more misunderstanding & friction.

    At the present, there is still the option to PM several members at once & respond only to the sender or "reply to all".
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    Quote Originally Posted by angrysparrow View Post
    There was a previous discussion about that here.

    The biggest problem with that is that there aren't archived records of chat, like with forum discussions. That means the content is lost and therefore is of no use to others that come along later.
    I help run another forum out there which is running on vBulletin Version 3.8.4, I don't know what y'all are running here but there is a chatbox plug in that does have an archive feature on it so anyone can go back and see what was said.
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