My preferred knot is the speer 4-wrap. I use a HH backpacker. I am wondering if anyone can suggest some good knots for connecting the line on the hammock to the tree hugger.

Typically what I do is make a double-figure-eight-loop on the end of the tree hugger. Then I tie the hammock line to the loop in the tree hugger with a bowline-hitch. I then tie the tree huggers to the trees with a 4-wrap knot.

I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion for knots to use for the purpose of tying the two lines together. One issue I have is that the figure-eight is nearly impossible to untie, and I am wondering if it is possible for the bowline to come out while I am in the hammock.

I am thinking a water knot or something might work for connecting the two different types of ropes.