Things new to me in 09 that soar:
WB 1.7 single and 1.1 bottom-the most comfortable hammock yet and the most functional and very lightweight, what more can you ask of a hammock..the footbox, the shelf and the ability to adjust your UQ and cook while lying in bed!
WB Yeti 3 season and Yeti 4 season-I doubted the 2/3 UQs, no more-proven brilliance in design. I'm carrying a sit pad anyway, it just makes good sense.
Griz Beak-so lite, so simple and such a big reward
Whoopie slings-were these from the climbing community? if so thanks to the climbers!
BBO-it works! and the design is well thought out...I just need one for the bottom and I would have to make a hammock sock!
Wallcreeper-but I've not used it in the nature yet, but while putzing around the house I can see a lot of utility in this garment/bag.
MLD Cuben tarp-so huge and so light
MLD Caldera Keg-finally solved the 'where to put the cone problem'
Luxurylite hiking staves-six feet tall of aluminum and carbon fiber-a bo staff in disguise, with instant adjustability via the double prussic hand straps-not going back to regular hiking poles