Greetings one and all!!!!!

I am a virgin hanger planning on my summer ritual section hike the last week of August/first week of September. This year's plan is to section from Daleville to Front Royal.

My question is I have the HHULEA and am now considering the purchase of an underquilt. I have looked on the JRB site and see a couple of options there I like.

My variables are that I am a hot natured person and for the past several years have used an REI fleece bag liner as my sleeping bag for this time of year. Last year, I remember getting cool at least one night and perhaps even two. But, the rest of the time, I was ok temperature wise.

Understandably, hammocks by their nature sleep cooler than sleeping on the ground. But, knowing that I am going in a warm weather time of year plus my hot natured ways, I am second guessing my need for an underquilt and the additional weight that it brings. Of course, this is always a matter of personal preference but, I would be interested in hearing your comments regardless.

Thanks for sharing your experience, strength and hope with an incurable newbie.

Fat Man Walking