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    Hanging from Dynaglide...

    ...well, sorta.

    Rigged my AHE Bushman Hammock Chair in the same manner I hang my hammock but couldn't resist replacing the Amsteel leader with my Dynaglide ridge line as an experiment. Also testing a standard Alu Loop Alien. I figure since I am not spending the night in it, and often have my feet on the ground, I am comfortable enough that I won't get mangled if it fails. But I have to say, the first sit was a little scary!

    It's now about a half dozen sits, with my feet up and all is holding strong! The Loop Aliens haven't deformed and the Dynaglide seems okay. This makes for a super light suspension for the bushman chair.

    Now I'm curious if I can get away with Dynaglide CL's...

    My CRL has fixed eyes in both ends and I bet I can string each end to the Kevlar straps and bundle the excess under the bushman chair.. That would make my CRL a double duty item!!!

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    Red Dynaglide?

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    would a few grams savings be worth the risk? If I were that worried about weight saving I would just lose weight or get stronger. It doesn't hurt to experiment I guess.
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