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    A look at the crowsnest

    Some of you had been asking for larger pictures of the crowsnest. Here are some of the quilt attached to a Warbonnet Blackbird, as well as my overnight experience with it.

    Temperatures, according to the National Weather Svc were in the mid-30's. I didn't take a min/max thermometer with me because, well, I don't have one and didn't think about getting one until it was too late.

    Setting up and getting the quilt attached to a Warbonnet Blackbird was quick and painless. I used the JRB quilt suspension looped through my SMC ring that supports the hammock then looped over the whipping as described in the instructions for hanging a JRB UQ on a gathered end hammock.

    This is where I noticed what would become one of two suspected issues with the quilt. First, let me say that this quilt is huge. It's gianormous and thick, but still light. The size plays a slight disadvantage for my setup, I think, because the quilt is butted up against the shelf of the blackbird, which causes the quilt to not come all the way up, leaves a gap between the hammock and the UQ and leaves the footbox of the hammock partially uncovered. I also noticed that the UQ shifts from side to side a bit, and I believe that this can also be attributed to the shelf getting in the way.

    My solution, so far, is to lace some light shock cord through the tabs on the foot end of the quilt, over the top of the blackbird bug netting and ridge line and use a cord lock to tighten it up around the footbox and hold the quilt in place on the foot end. The shelf, I tucked into the space between the hammock and the UQ.

    I should also note that the quilt appears to have a head-end and foot-end. I flipped the quilt around and tried everything except lacing the shock cord, but by the time I thought of these things, I was packing up. The full size UQ offers AMPLE coverage. I'll be setting it up on a BMBH tomorrow (I hope) in order to give stormcrow some input in that respect.

    My permanent solution is probably going to be to have a winter hammock and a summer hammock. Since I don't need a bug net in cold weather, having a WB traveller or ENO type hammock will probably make life easier on lacing the foot-end tabs up to pull the quilt close. I'm almost convinced that, with an open top-loading hammock, the right person could turn this thing into a semi-pea-pod.

    Pictures below.
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