I have had two of the old Army Jungle Hammocks since about 1968. I used one of them a lot for a few years and really like sleeping in it. I used a stick or something as a spreader bar and would lay in them more or less flat. I could sleep on my back or my side easy. I also had room in that hammock for a sleeping pad and a good size sleeping bag or quilt. While still in the Army I used one of them a lot during the winter - in the snow - on over-night hikes in the North Georgia Mountains.

The down side of the Jungle Hammock was the weight. It weighed 55 ounces as issued. The nice part was the total inclosed bug net attached to the Hammock.

Since those days I have made several hammocks each one getting lighter and lighter. One of the nicer hammocks was one made from silk. It was made by Ed Speer to his normal design. I have used that hammock for about 4 years.

My most recent light Hammock was one I made from Cuben Fiber. That one is really light. see thread on this forum:


I am back working on a Hammock for winter hiking and looking again at the old Army Jungle Hammock design. I have been cutting things off of it and have reduced the weight from the "Issue" weight of 55 ounces to 20.5 ounces. That does not include something carried to use as the spreader. I am using two pieces of bamboo and they weigh 3.7 ounces. If I decided to carry the bamboo sticks the total weight at this time would be 24.2 ounces.

1. Army Jungle Hammock as it was issued back around 1968 or so.

2. After cutting all extra material from the Hammock I went to pick it up to hang in my backyard and found one of my cats sleeping under part of it.

3. Hanging in my backyard. Weight as modified and hanging is 24.2 ounces. Another one of my cats having a look.

4. I sewed a piece of Wal Mart Mystery Material into a second bottom to hold my Warmlight - Down Air Mattress. It is held to the Hammock by a strip of Velcro that had been used to close the bug net. It turned out a little to big so I have a bit of extra material to trim off.

5. This shows the bottom holding the Down Air Mattress. I need to make a few changes to the bottom piece and then I will post a weight. I may use a piece of Cuben Fiber for this and save some weight. The current bottom piece has a strip of Velcro sewed along each side. I hope to find a lighter way to attach the bottom and get rid of the Velcro.