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One more thing I have found that I really like about the utility constricter is that the end is not a moving target. I generally put a short branch through the tree huggers and then throw a larks head around that with the UC, I tried this with the whoopie slings but with every adjustment I had to completely re-do the larks head because the loop moves. In the end I cut my WS and made it into a UC! I weigh just shy of 275 and have never had a problem with a 10 inch burry. Just my two cents.
yes, if you don't put a lark's head around that toggle and just drape the WS over it, chances are pretty good that before you get some weight on that line the WS will just sorta fall off the toggle! At least that's my experience. I've gone over to UCRs now for the duration, but before I did I was thinking of adding a loop of some kind around both strands of the WS that I could slip up to the toggle and hold the thing in place. It would need to be tight enough to hold the loop together and loose enough to not bind when the WS length was being adjusted.

never tried it though. Lots of my ideas that seem plausible in my head work out to not work out so well.