Hey Everyone, Merry Christmas. I have decided on AHE's Christmas promotion. Starting tonight at midnight (mountain time) aka 2 AM east cost, We are running "THE 10 Days of Christmas." For the next 10 days we are giving a rebate countdown until 12 AM Christmas day. So on day #1 of the promotion (December 15th) all orders get a 10% rebate on any order, on day #2 we count down to 9% and on day #3, 8% and so on until Christmas Eve when you will get a 1% rebate on your order.

All you have to do is enter: "Sleep in Holy Peace" into the paypal special instructions along with your HF user name at check out. This is after leaving my site in paypal.

So grab up some gear while you can! This deal only applies to new purchases made during the times stated, and does not apply to Gift Certificates, Shipping Fees, Dixon Roller Pack Gear or Amsteel (sorry I only make a cent per foot any way). Rebates will be issued as I get them (IE it is not instant) through paypal and is based on the amount after fees are removed by paypal. So if your order comes to $105.00 which included shipping fees of $5.00, your rebate will be based on $96.55. The amount left after shipping fees of $5.00 and paypal fees of $3.45 have been deducted.

$105.00 total
-$5.00 Shipping Fee
-$3.45 Paypal Fee
$96.55 After Expenses total

So on 10% day your rebate would be $9.65 and so on.

If you forget to enter the code, or don't find this till after you place an order, sorry this is a one time around the track deal. And this dose not apply to any past purchases. No going back in time unless you can, then I suggest you do and grab up all the gear you can. You can place as many orders as you like during the promotion but when it is over it is over.

Merry Christmas,

My wife says I have to follow the big guys example and take christmas off.