Angrysparrow, Hetairoi and myself went up to Heflin Al last weekend to hike a short section of the Pinhoti. Our original plans went astray when I came up lame due to severe blisters from new boots and bad socks. Fortunately, Sam and John decided not to shoot me to put me out of their and my misery!

We hiked from the Pine Glen Campground to the Lower Shoals Shelter, approximately 7 miles. Since we got there late on Friday, we hiked after dark for about half those miles. And, in order to make the hike that much more difficult I decided to leave my headlamp in the truck! I hiked by the light of Sam and John's lamps. They were very patient with an old man who can't remember all his gear!

Here is a shot looking out from the shelter.

A shot of my SWT ready for a cold night.

Sam on the left and John on the right.

A shot of the shelter. Very nice place, clean, no mice and we got a regular visit from a Great Heron each day.

Looking down from the trail above the shelter.

Another shot.

Sam and John had gone on down the trail on a day hike while I rested the dogs. Upon their return we ate lunch and then gathered enough firewood for a really nice fire that lasted well into the night. The obligatory rain started around 5 pm and continued on through the night. It let up for awhile in the morning and then drizzled on us while we hiked out on Sunday.

A good time was had by all with promises to return and do the original hike plan!