I have booked an eight bunk cabin at the Porkies for the nights of Jan 2nd and 3rd for snowshoeing. I know, sleeping in a cabin and not a hammock. Well this trip is more about the snowshoeing, but I suppose you could bring along your hammock and sleep outside. I wouldn't want more than the amount of people that should be in the cabin. You would be welcome to cook and dress in the cabin at of course your share of the fee. It's $60 a night to be split evenly for each night of use. I booked the River Union cabin. I believe it's around a three mile hike in. It would be a free-for-all hike for anyone who goes, but I wouldn't want to see anyone hiking alone in the winter. Finding someone who is around your pace for a day hike is always preferred. Waiting for someone to catch up would be to cold. Get my point? Last year I stayed in a yurt and they had just about everything you need. There was firewood, fire pit outside, stove inside for warmth and to melt snow, pots and pans, and all the modern features of an outhouse . So let me know if you are interested. Three are confirmed, one possible and the rest open. Come roll in the New Year with a trip in the snow!