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    Beaches to Hang in Georgia

    My friend wants to know if there are any good places to hang our hammocks this winter on the ocean coast of Georgia.We spent some time hanging our hammocks on the coastal areas of Maine. He is from upper New York and lives near Vermont. We have hung several times together already in this winter and he is getting bored of the cold.

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    Best opportunity would be Cumberland Island National Seashore. See National Park Service for schedules and rules. Limited time on the island and not sure about their "hammock" rules. Primitive camp sites are designated. All other islands with secluded beaches are privately or state owned and have limited access, generally by boat. Exceptions are 1)Tybee Island near Savannah (no known campgrounds and is your typical developed beach town; 2) Jeykll Island state resort, limited camping I think.
    Another alternative is Hunting Island state park in SC, east of Beaufort and north of Hilton Head Island.

    It's a long way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll ----- those hills!!!

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    Rockdawg is right: not many options here unless you know someone that owns the land. Cumberland is a great option, you just have to tie into branches of the Live Oaks, and not the trunk (you may have to Google an image if you've never seen the really old Live Oaks to appreciate what I'm talking about). There are a few pines, but mostly saw palmettos, "scrub" brush, and Live Oaks. Here is a link to a typical "backcountry" campground on the island.

    Also, be careful, most of the freshwater sources on the island has a couple of resident gators.

    Have fun!!
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    I second Cumberland Island. It's a beautiful place, with wild ponies, ruined mansions, etc.

    Raccoons are really prevalent on Cumberland. They are extremely smart and know the ways of campers. I'd definitely hang your food (backcountry) and maybe even set some decoy food sacks to delay them some. There are food cages (on posts) in some of the non-backcountry campsites, but your food is only safe if it does not touch the sides of the cage. Raccoons can get their little fingers in a bit. When we were there, we woke to find 3 raccoons hanging from the sides of our food cage trying to squeeze a plastic bag of marshmallows out through the chicken-wire.

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