The wife and I decided we would finaly get our rears into gear and get to a hang, and when the chance came up to get out to RRG during Thanksgiving we were excited to meet everyone.

We got an early start and drove down on Wed. night and set up camp at Koomer Ridge Campground. I dont know what it is like during the rest of the year but it was nice and empty this time. We got an excellent camp spot and proceeded to get the gear up and start a fire. We watched it untill about 9 at night and decided after being scared to death by an approaching Jack Russel, , that it was time to retire.

Over night it got down to 34 degrees, and I had a little trouble keeping my Yeti on my HH because I hadnt yet gotten my zipper mod. My wife slept in a Montbell Crescent 2 with our dog, and stayed pretty warm in her Super Stretch bag.

The next day we went a hiking. Traveled from the Parking lot at Angel Windows, down Swift Camp Creek, to Wild Cat Trail and with a little road walking back to the car. It was about 1:30, the weather was turning and we decided to get back to the campsites with more wood, and a bail out plan.

That night after eating Thanksgiving Dinner of Ramen, Instant Taters, Stove Top Stuffing, and a Hostess Pie, we watched the fire and it began to Sleet. It continued sleeting for two hours untill 7:30 and then the rain came. We retired to our tent and hammock and while the rain dropped all around us fell right to sleep. I used a CCF pad under my whole body and it actually made me a bit colder then the night before, My wife stayed warmer as she didnt wear as much to sleep, but our puppy shivered all night.

The next day we woke up and went to Chimney Top, Princess Arch, Rock bridge, and Creation falls. All great spots, and met everyone at the hang...Thanks you guys, sorry we had to jet. And then we had to go, rather then susepting our puppy to another cold night we went home.

It was a great time and we know jsut about how far we can go with the dog coming too. So you learn and you go again right..

Thanks for listening.. Sorry I took so long to post