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    How 'bout "Free-Range?"

    Instead of 'freebird' (which may have copyright issues), I propose we call it a 'Freerange Blackbird' or better yet, a 'Freeranger'. I know, the term is usually referred to chickens, but;

    1. Freerange birds are usually higher quality, more valuable (and tasty).
    2. The versatility of a netless model would be reflected in the 'range' inference.
    3. The 'range' reference also gives a nod to the BBs roomy expanse.
    4. The 'ranger' reference acknowledges both its portability, and the firefighter/treeplanting/parks worker community.

    Now I know the following might not play to the professional tone of Warbonnet, but I would love to see a Warbonnet hammock line dedicated to the 'chicken' motif.

    Netless Blackbird = Freeranger
    Freeranger pod = Henhouse
    Dedicated Down UQ = Tail Feathers
    Dedicated TQ = Incubator (is that taken?)
    DL Freeranger = Chicken Wrap
    Ridgeline = Chicken Wire
    Dedicated Catenary Tarp = EggShell(think oval curves)

    So go ahead, Brandon...

    Are ya' Chicken , or what!
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