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    Unhappy Gallery uploads MIA?

    Quote Originally Posted by AngrySparrow
    Quote Originally Posted by JerryW
    For Flickr...
    I know that sharing photos from other hosting sites is easy...but the HF gallery is less valuable when we do that.

    It's nice to be able to go to the gallery and browse, seeing everyone's photos in one place.
    Okay, I realize this and I have tried, sometimes successfully, to upload to the HF gallery. However, there have been several times when my upload just goes...nowhere. I get through uploading the photos, adding descriptions, tags, etc. and press the final button that says "Process." That takes me to the gallery section I supposedly just uploaded to, without a sign of my photos. I hit reload, check my profile gallery list, and look through the main gallery but no photos. The last time I waited at least a week just in case the photos have to be approved, but finally gave up and re-uploaded them, and that time they "took." I just tried to upload quite a few photos and no dice. I did it a second time and still no photos. So, I uploaded a third time to Flickr and could then use them in my post.

    Any idea what happened? I was extremely careful this time and really don't think I did anything wrong, though that's always possible. It's very frustrating because its a lot of work/time consuming, only to have everything just disappear. I'd like to upload more to HF gallery but not if this continues to happen....
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