The get together was really fun. It was good to put faces to names, and in one case meet a FORMER lurker <cough> who will add another distaff voice to the forum <cough> named Slug Bait. Got to see some gear that I hadn't laid eyes on before, see how others rig their gear, and got to see a Winter Dream 2 up close and personal to see what mine will eventually look like. We (well... I... ) sent the Ranger off almost screaming trying to get him to tour all of our hammocks. He made it through 2 before he muttered excuses and ran off.

Trying to avoid a $4 toll on the way back I first headed to the mall to the north, which didn't have the book I wanted but did have a World Market with some interesting microwave Indian meals on sale, then decided that the name of the town Shelton sounded familiar. When I remembered that it was because there is a new Casino there, and it was sorta in the right direction, I punched it into the GPS and headed into the darkness. There's LOTS of darkness between Bremerton and Shelton, but I walked in with $10 in my hand and walked out with $80 around 12:30am. Drove home a happy person, all in all. A good day.