I live in Indiana (5 years) and have noticed that there are quite a few Hoosiers on Hammock Forums. I've been thinking about getting a hammock hang going in the great state of Indiana and so I'm proposing that we do a hammock hang here - Indiana style. Now, there isn't any real hiking to be done in Northern Indiana, so I figured Southern Indiana (about an hour from Indy) would be an ideal spot to make it easier for anyone interested to come. An area that was mildly easy to hike would encourage new backpackers to come. We could come up with an stripped down itinerary and set this up, so those interested could make plans to attend. I was thinking April. April would help us to avoid bugs, increase the availability of water, and allow for more comfortable temperatures. If there was interest, we could do a little trail maintenance as a giveback to our community. Personally, I've never given back to the trail besides Boy Scout activities and would find it rewarding.

I was thinking of calling it - Hoosier Hang 2010. If we had enough participants, I'd be willing to have some T-shirts made and have the proceeds go back to support the HF website. Maybe this could also generate some interest to the hammocking cause in our area.

Please give me some feedback. Thanks, Trout