Her is my DIY Gear-Maker....and I love it

However...look thru the machine...i.e. scissors, seam ripper, and magnetic pin holder

A machine is a must for DIY enthusiasts...of course... but also a good pair of scissors, seam ripper and pin holder make the process easier

I use Fiskars "orange" handle scissors exclusively for fabrics. They make a great product and I don't use this pair for anything but fabric...i.e. - don't use them to open plastic packages, cut wire, or anything except fabric
Why??? B/C a tiny notch in the scissor blade (created by cutting something hard) will damage some fabric

A good seam ripper - why? - cause I make mistakes and the tiny "travel" size ones are a pain in the arse

Magnetic pin holder - why? - well I guess a pin cushion will work too. Someone on this forum said "don't use pins, learn to just fold and sew"

I agree that for the experienced DIYer, that learning to fold and sew makes the process quicker, but a lot of people are first timers and using pins to keep everything together allows you to catch mistakes before you sew

My mother taught me to sew and she still "pins" most things before she sews.
It goes along the lines of "measure twice, cut once" philosophy