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    First hang report

    Tried out a HH this past Saturday. Temps started out in the low 40's, with the low being 38. Didn't use a pad, just a sleeping bag and was a little cold but nothing to bad. Hanging in the hammock was so much more comfortable that sleeping on the ground!! I'm not sure the HH is the one for me. I would like to try a WBBB before making any decisions. So, if anyone around Valdosta Gerogia has one they would be willing to let me test drive I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Congrates on your 1rst hang. If you put a ccf pad under you you'll be allot warmer. If you can't test drive a Blackbird, buy one anyway. If for some reason you don't like it you can sell it in less than a day on the forums "For sale" area for almost what you paid for it. Hopefully you'll get to test drive before buying.
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