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You are also be limited by the width.

For a 60" wide hammock, the absolute maximum you can get on the diagonal is 54 deg.

Now a shorter person, say 5' 8" can get to a maximum of 61 deg.

That's ignoring the practicalities of sag and what-not.

In order for the 6' 2" person to get the same amount of diagonal that the 5' 8" person can get to, you would have to have a 65" or 66" wide hammock.

Maybe take your hammock and instead of adding to the length and the same width, add side panels to get wider and keep the same length. The wider you go, the more diagonal you can get.

The extreme is the hammock here where you are at a 90 deg diagonal and the hammock is as wide as or wider than you are tall.
I bet you are right on the money on making the hammock wider being the key to getting comfortable on your stomach. Seams in a hammock body create a real weak point. That would be the only downside.

A roll whip would probably be the best whipping technique on a hammock with added width because the roll whip creates some slack in the sides, reducing stress on the seams.