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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    6mm is HUGE and would not be considered prussic cord unless you are tying it around an enormous rope. the diameter of the prussic cord should be several, several sizes smaller than the cord it will be used on. for instance 6mm cord would almost be too big to be used as a prussic on climbing rope which is around 1/2"/10mm diam. generally the smaller in diameter the prussic cord is in relation to the other cord, the better it will work. also you want to use a softer rope for the prussic as well. as long as the prussic is not supporting your body weight, you can use tiny line.#18 braided nylon works great, and is about 1.5mm diameter. what are your prussics gonna be used for?...Brandon
    I'm not using it as a prussik. I will attach it to the ends of my hammock and then to the rings a short distance out from the hammock. I will then run strap from the tree to the rings. I didn't want something too thin as I thought it might have a tendency to cut into the fabric of the hammock. It's still less than a 1/4" thick.



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    I was intrigued about using Spectra webbing myself, but didn't know about its stretch and creep properties. If you do decide to use it, please post your thoughts and opinions.

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