I'm looking at making my first hammock. I can sew - I'm not magician, but I can certainly handle the minimal sewing needed to pull off a decent hammock.

I think I want a double layer hammock for holding a pad. I need it to be strong to support a lot of weight - potentially near 400 if me, my kid, and possibly my dog are all chillin' in there at the same time. Ed Speer uses a 3.5 ounce fabric in his "C" hammock to handle 350lbs.

My question is whether or not "stacking" fabrics produces the same strength as a single heavier fabric. For example, would 2 layers of 1.1 ounce fabric be stronger than 1 layer of 1.9 fabric? I've been messing with fabrics - mostly in clothing - for years but have never had to think about strength in this way. I'm thinking of a 1.9 main fabric with a 0.9 bottom layer. Just an idea - I'm not sold on it myself - but I'm curious about the strength aspect.