When I first started using my ulba I quckly learned to kep my tarp seperate and loose in my mesh pocket to dry. It also helped to keep the hammock from getting tangled with the tarp pull outs. Then I learned to wind up the tarp with the strings incased within the tarp which kept the stings from getting tangled with each other.

Now I've added figure 9s, ridgeline tie outs, and bug netting snakeskins. First thing I had to change was the DYI snakeskins. I decided to use one long snake skin instead of the traditional smaller 2 snakeskins. This way the side pullouts get contained in the skin (except 2 feet or so). I still have trouble with the ridgeline pullouts getting tangled and they get wrapped around the figure 9s pretty good. I also have a problem with the figure 9s snagging on the mesh pocket.

Does anyone have any good ideas of how to contain and keep the tarp from looking like a ball of yarn the ran through the washing machine everytime I take it out of the pack. I was thinking of possibly making a bug netting stuff sack to keep everything more contained. I also thought about finding another piece of gear to wrap the ridgeline up on like my raingear. But I don't always take raingear. I 'm sure someone on this site has already taken care of this problem and has some ingenious but simple idea the I'm missing.

Peace Dutch
GA>ME '03