I was just kidding about the "other crap". I figured it would get some attention.

I am considering switching to a Hennesy. However...I like the idea of having this to keep the bugs off me rather than the built in netting on the Hennessy. Mostly b/c I like to sit and eat my dinner and don't want pesky bugs bothering me. I just can't imagine getting into a Henn. to eat. It seems like it would be a pain in the you know what.

I DO like that I won't worry about falling out. Not that I am a crazy sleeper but, its comforting to know I am sealed in like a tent. I am no fan of creepy crawlies and I am SHORT so the ground and I form a close bond once I get into the hammock.

I guess I am just saying...I LOVE having OPTIONS. However, if it seems to have a significant advantage as far as comfort...I'd switch over.

I know most ppl are going to be bias and I appreciate your advice but, I really would like to hear from ppl who have tried both. Thanks in advance! Also for those who have tried both...how do they both differ in different weather?