As you may have already noticed, there has been some changes made to the the way that Hammock Forums is organized. Hopefully these changes will make the forum more streamlined and easier to navigate. Here is a brief list of some of the changes that have been made.

-Homemade Gear Discussion, Documentations and Directions, and Homemade Gear Directions forums have been merged into one DIY forum.

-Weather Protection forum added (tarp and sock discusions moved here)

-Bottom Insulation forum added (under quilt discussion moved here)

-Top Insulation (top quilt discussions moved here)

-Non-Hammock Discussions and Non-Hammock DIY forums merged.

-Articles moved to Site Topics

-Introduce Yourself Forums added for new members to say hello when they join HF>

The mods will still be moving and tidying up over the next few days. Please excuse our mess while we renovate