The wife and I are going to see some friends in St Petersburg Florida at the end of July. I consulted my book Beach & Costal Camping in Florida And saw that De Soto Campground was right in the area. Voted best beach in 2005 .

What's cool is the campground is divided into sections, some strictly for tents, pop-ups, and vans. You can see each campsite before you book it. That's really cool. Here's a pic of our site:

Here's a shot of the campground via Google Earth. The yellow pin is approx. where our site will be (27°37'54.40"N, 82°43'24.59"W if you wanna see it on Google Earth)

Anyway, I was excited about the trip so I thought I would post some info. My wife is going so I will be using a tent to sleep in (don't hate me ). It will be my big 'ol Coleman tent big enough to stand up in (10x12). If you noticed I did make sure that our site had plenty of trees for my hammock. I may not sleep in the hammock at night but I will certainly be napping in it and probably enjoying a Christopher Moore book.