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    Hey Knotty! Dude. It's not the hat.

    "I dearly love the state of Texas, but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults". Molly Ivins

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    Lies, **** lies, and statistics. Numbers can say anything. At one point science said smoking was good for you...regardless of the experience that smokers coughed a lot, lost lung capacity, and their voices sounded like sandpaper. Sometimes common sense is stronger than science.

    Ever had a scalp laceration or cut yourself shaving? My experience says that there are A LOT of capillaries right next to the skin. When I'm working hard, my face gets flushed, but the rest of my body doesn't turn red...why is that? My body is purging heat.

    I wonder why Darwin would say we lost our body hair but not the hair on our heads? Well, most of us anyway...

    Maybe "most" of the body heat isn't lost thru the head, if "most" mean 51%. But significant enough to consider head insulation for body heat regulation...of course. My experience says that putting on a hat keeps me warm and I don't need a scientific study to hold my hand. I think this study will be debunked within a few years.
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    The military performed a scientific study. An article that refutes it with nothing more than "they were clothed except at the head" means nothing.

    People have already mentioned all the reasons this is true, I'll sum them up (info coming from my former roommates girlfriend, who is in the room right now, who is a doctor). Your body pulls away heat from the limbs when cold. The head will continue with full blood flow, which means most of your heat loss will come from your head. It also has less fat. Think about areas of your body that can be cold to the touch, your head isn't one of them; it is constantly being warmed by the capillaries.

    Our bodies are largely hairless, except in vital areas. Reproductive organs, and the head (yes I know, some people are hairy, but those are exceptions).

    Of course you won't lose as much heat through your head when your body is warm. But who cares how much heat you lose when your body is warm: you're warm, heat loss is of no concern.

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