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I finally switched to 3 trek-light carabiners per end. The two that act like ring buckles pull the rope real closely together, unlike the rings, and the go right through the end of the tree-hugger loop. I pull it through with an up-from-the-back and split-the-middles coming down method. Kind of like tightening a moto helmet. I the do 2-3 wraps around the rope pointing towards the hammock, pull it tight up against the carabiners, and do one double-slip through the middle of the carabiner. Stupid easy, never slips and takes around 2-4 seconds to do.

I'm guessing a picture or few would help?

FF: I'm sorry that I never got back with you on buying the second set of cinch buckles. I just kept putting it off to the point that I look like a real-deal lamer right now. I'm sure that you got rid of them easy, but that still doesn't make it right. I do seriously apologize.
No problem. I used them on my bridge hammock.