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    Welcome to the forums!

    The Warbonnet Faithful will surely be along to give the hard-sell, but rest assured, anything you choose from the reputable vendors (Clark, Warbonnet, Jacks R Better, Speer, Hennessy, ENO, etc) is going to be way better than a tent and you'll probably be very happy! Don't get too concerned with all the hype on any one thing until you've had a chance to experience all the options for yourself.
    And actually you'll find fans of all the makers around here.

    That said, I think it's pretty cool that the people here are strong supporters of the small cottage businesses, such as Warbonnet! I hear that guy makes a fine hammock and I hope to own one of my own someday...

    Again, welcome and enjoy!

    "I know the feeling - It is the real thing - You can't refuse the embrace!" | "Go n-éirí an bóthar leat."

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    Geesh where'd the time go...

    Well, it took a bit over a year...with a new job and moving in between, but I've finally started collecting my gear. I've received word that my WBBB is on the way, I've got a Superfly from Brandon ordered as well but it is listed on backorder so I might be waiting a few weeks for it. I can always use a cheap old blue or silver tarp in the backyard while testing out the WBBB until it comes in. Since I now live in Charleston, SC area (again after many years away) and I remember the Springs being short and the Summers being brutally hot/humid, I haven't really considered and underquilt just yet. I'll use my Big Agnes sleeping bag (that I got a few years back for tent camping) as a top quilt. I could also use the pad I have with it since the WBBB is a double layer...I hear that you can slide a pad in between the layers? I'll find out when it comes in and get it hung for testing. The suspension is the adjustable webbing on it. We'll see how I like it. I love the info that I've read about woopie slings too. The way I see it, this is probably going to be another little money pit for me to enjoy to go along with the new Rubicon I picked up a couple months ago. How conveinent that I'll have a nice comfy hammock setup to use wherever the Rubi can take me.

    Anyway, hope to make it to a hang this Spring/Summer if any come around my way that I can make.


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    welcome and hey from high point nc.
    there is a ton of stuff here to read, learn and ask about.
    if it's hammock related it's here or still waiting to be invented.
    hang on and have fun.

    home is where your hammock is.

    CLICK HERE to add your name to the world wide H F member location list. And Thank You!


    " just jump in where you can and hang on!" - briscoe darling

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