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    New River UQ

    Just a brief praise for my New River UQ. I took it out this afternoon to figure out how it would hang under the hammock and how it would insulate. In short, I'm very pleased.

    The temps are in the low 50's with moderate wind with a little sun. I was wearing thin sweat pants and a t-shirt under a cotton sweater and cotton socks. I would not have been comfortable out in the weather in that for longer than 10 minutes.

    I hung the hammock and then attached the UQ to the side of the hammock and crawled in. I could instantly feel the body heat being pulled away and my entire body began to quickly chill. That was enough to prove how cold it was. I reached under pulled the UQ under the hammock and snuggled down under my Poncho Liner TQ. The temps quickly climbed and I could not feel the wind at all.

    I really liked the simplicity of the suspension and adjustment.

    I ended up spending a good hour or two napping and stayed very warm the entire time. I really wasn't interested in getting up.

    Great product Paul! Thanks!

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    Glad it did so well for you, a hammock nap sound real good to me right now
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