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    Below Freezing test hang w/ the basics /Update

    The thread the other day about sleeping bags and the statement that somebody made about
    " Insullate the body not the hammock" ( or something like that) kept bouncing around.
    Every sleeping bag I have and some are expensive always seem to get wet from the dew or frost and I get a cold spot and if my arm touches the side I could feel the cold.

    So on the way home yesterday I picked up one of those surplus GI Intermeadiate Weather sleeping bags. (disclaimer: this probably is not for a hiker or gram type person, but for me, A POUND HOG,, I like it.)

    I set up my Grand Trunk UL lastnight @ 10pm and 30* wind was 5 mph out of the north. and frost was already everywhere. I wanted to try it with the bare basics, No tarp, no top cover, no under quilt, just the sleeping bag, a small lightweight neoprene pad and the hammock.
    For me I wore 2 pair of regulation issue Walmart crew socks, my work kakis, a t-shirt, sweat shirt, a fleece jacket and my unsulated bid overalls, and a knit cap. And I left the price tag on the sleeping bag, if I got wet or cold it was going back !!!!!

    After snuggling in the mummy bag, if fit a bit tighter than my other bags, but I think the tighter fit made it warmer.

    Around 1am I had to get up and practiced the art of writing my name in the frost and got a picture of the moon. My hammock stand is the kayak rack on the back of the truck and the roll bar on the Jeep.

    The night sounds of the cyotes was pretty cool but over shadowed by the rumble of the Coast Guard helicopter working all night over on lake Livingston,,,,That time of night and the length of time I am sure it was a recovery and not a rescue, anyway I hope that all turns out well.

    Back to the hang, the sleeping back worked out beautifully, yep, I got alot of frost on it, but not a damp or wet spot on the inside anywhere. And no cold spots on the sides and even with the thin pad on the bottom, it was comfortable, a few times I woke up and unzipped alittle.

    As far as the hammock I actually sleep better in it than the Hennessys or the ENO.

    My night ended @ 4am @ 27 dedrees this morning, cuz I had to get up and get ready for work,,,but by the time I get this posted, I will get stuck in that Houston trafiic and be late,,,, AGAIN......
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