I will order another roll of Insultex during January. Having reviewed what it cost me to cut, package and distribute the previous roll, I will offer it at $5 per yard. A couple of people have already told me what they want to buy, so I thought I would begin taking orders. There are about 175 yards available in this roll. You should expect delivery by the end of January.

Let's do it the same way as before. Feel free to post here, but the formal order will be placed when I receive a PayPal message with payment and shipping address. My PayPal address is "MacEntyre (at) Yahoo (dot) com"

Please pay only the $5 X your yardage. I will ask for a second payment when I know the actual insured shipping costs.

This time, I am going to package them a little tighter, to avoid the USPS "ballon" charges!

- MacEntyre