I am about done with a 2/3 UQ. I am using the following layers in order from the hammock outward.

Ripstop, Climashield Combat, IX, Ripstop. I think it will end up around 10 oz.

So, I finished this thing up about 11 pm and who is going to wait a couple days to test

The quilt is a 2/3 UQ cut into a trapezoid shape to fit a bridge or non-asym hammock. It came out to 10.7 oz after adding end shock cords and cord locks.

I sewed the IX to the outcover and quilted one layer of Climashield Combat to the layer of ripstop against the hammock. The Climashield Combat insulation is 3.7oz square yard and claims .9" loft (more like .5 to .75) Good thing about using for an UQ is that that the climashield is hanging and will eventually loft to its full potential. CLO value, who cares, I keep putting more in until I am warm.

I have never used a fully synthetic UQ before but have used the climashield on the sides of my UQ's to keep insulation all the way to the edge. I figured that one layer of the climashield combat might get me into the upper 30's based on my experience

I slept for about 4 hours at 22* and never got cold. I fully expected this temp to be past the capability of the UQ. The quilt builds heat the longer you are in it. Down feels warmer faster but does not continue to build heat. The quilt has the IX sewn in all the way to the edge so when it is sealed against the hammock air does not escape.

I do feel that the quilt I made is "matched" to my bridge hammock to help reduce weight and use minimal adjustments on the ends with the shockcords. I probably could use on my Clark (non-asym) with good results but probably not as good as the bridge. Sealing an UQ to a bridge hammock is so easy even a ....... could do it. I think that this type quilt will have to be shaped to the hammock intended for use. A standard rectangular quilt would have problems with bunching up and cold spots with the IX material.

Down is still king of the insulations IMO. It can do it lighter, adapt over a larger temp range , and conform easier to multiple hammocks. With that said this quilt really exceeded my expectations. I think the approx .75" gap that the climashield provided from the hammock to the IX is close to right distance needed for the IX to perform. It is going to get into the low teens later in the week so I will test some more. At least I now have a fully synthetic lightweight quilt for 3 season use. The IX helped reduce weight and increased the performance of the climashield. How much is still up for debate but I know that I could not have just used the one layer of climashield at 22*.

Don't sell your down because this material will require a near perfect match to your hammock but I think it does work. I reserve the right to change my mind after a full night of use The neighbor's dog would not stop barking is the reason I bailed last night after 4 hours. I have used these short UQ's enough to know I was not getting cold anytime soon anyways.