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    Quote Originally Posted by Knotty View Post
    Been thinking about the oft heard advice that hammocks are most comfortable if the ridgeline has some slack. Been saying and practicing that myself.

    Problem is, it doesn't make sense.

    Isn't the whole idea of the structural ridgeline to allow a consistent amount of sag in the hammock no matter how tight the suspension is hung? If we're using sag in the ridgeline, then that just means it's too long. Best thing to do would be to shorten it so it provides more hammock sag even when the ridgeline is tight. .
    Got in this a little late, but Knotty you are absolutely correct.

    As a side note: if (after setup) you have a very tight ridge line, you are putting extra stress on your suspension system. When that happens, I move the tree huggers higher to provide an angle closer to 30 degrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opie View Post
    So if you have already defined the initial sag, does it really make a difference if the RL stays tight once you enter the hammock?

    I would think, and Im no rocket scientist... but the ridgeline being tight while occupied will limit movement of the hammock while loaded. i.e. conforming to you as you move around in it.

    Althought, Im sure thats the desired outcome of keeping the RL taught, right?
    The reasons I like a taut RL is:

    1) It does a better job of holding the bugnet away from me on my BB.
    2) It does a better job of holding the various stuff sacks I hang from it at night.

    If it weren't for one of these 2 reasons, I wouldn't even bother with a RL. The Trek Light hammock I sleep in every night doesn't have a RL and I don't miss it bit. If mosquitos start becoming a problem in my bedroom and I need a bugnet, I'll add a RL.

    Hangin' ROCKS!

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    This whole structural ridgeline tension issue was a real mystery to me when I first tried adding one to a diy hammock. It started out being pretty frustrating!

    I tried to follow some of the suggestions of members for length and tension, but for me it wasn't working.

    If I started out with the ridgeline a little saggy, it would still be saggy when I got in (sometimes MORE! ) I kept wondering what I was doing wrong, since many were saying that after they got in the hammock, the ridgeline would be tighter!

    I finally decided to focus on a comfortable hammock sag, then I added a ridgeline with the attitude that it was going to be mostly for hanging things on and keeping the netting in place. Once the hammock sag was the way I liked it, I just put on the ridgeline with no slack, but not super taut. Seems to work ok for now. There doesn't seem to be any 'rule of thumb' I can follow though.

    To make matters worse, I've discovered that each hammock I make seems to need a slightly different length ridgeline.

    The only good part of figuring it all out is I get to keep laying in the hammock It's a slow process of course....

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