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    New climashield warmer?

    Hey Paul, you mentioned in another post that you are awaiting for Climashield Apex to come out and that will be used in the KAQs. Will that make it warmer than the current ones? If so, by how much? Just wondering if I should wait for that to come out or if i should get the current model (hopefully soon!) intending it for 3 season use?

    Please advise.

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    supposably it is supposed to be warmer, by how much - that's not clear- I don't expect it to be much, a few degrees maybe, 5 would be a surprise to me. but it is also supposed to be slightly lighter 4.8 oz to the yard as apposed to the 6 oz we have at the moment. That will make the quilt way 1-2 oz less then it dose now.

    But I have to sell through what I have in stock before I can order any more. I would still plan on the apex being a 3 season 30 degree insulation. I do have plans for some colder weather gear as well in the near future.
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