Good evening (well, it's evening here anyway)

I'm looking for some fabric to make a hammock. It's pretty **** hard to find right fabrics here in Holland for a normal price (I did found one that had it, but they charge around 18dollar per metre) so I was looking on ebay. I found some nice fabrics in the UK. The prob is, that they're only 35g per square metres. Converted to oz, it's about 1.2. I was wondering if that's strong enough for me. The hennessy ultralight racer is 1.1oz ripstop and that's rated at max 180lbs, which is enough for me, but not if I hang some heavy stuff on the ridgeline.

So my main question is: is there any way to calculate the minimum needed strength a hammock should be for a user?

Also, does any of you know a good online fabric store in Europe? I'd rather not order in the US, since the shipping costs are probably too high and the import tax outside the EU is pretty high too.. I know about, but they don't have the right fabric for a hammock.