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    Underquilt for Hennesy Scout

    We are looking for a pattern for an underquilt for the Hennesy Scout. My sister has decided she will hike the JMT with me next Summer. We hiked most of Virginia on the AT last Summer, me with my Hennesy Explorer and my sister with the free Scout. She found the Scout to be exceedingly comfortable. The limitations were the too small tarp (I plan on getting another Hennesy Sil Nylon Hex tarp for her, the same as the one I have with my hammock and which proved to be excellent). She used her BA insulated airmat, I used a JRB underquilt for insulation. She was rather impressed with the underquilt and to save money she wants to make her own underquilt. She is an excellent seamstress, in fact professional, so difficulty of sewing one is not an issue for her.
    Can anyone direct us to a site to find a down filled underquilt pattern that will fit the Scout.

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    Here is the best place to start. It will fit a HH, but alo work as a top quilt.
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