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Hi all, just sayin' g'day now that I've got myself a WBBB and have given it a test run.

Spent 4 days touring on my bike to Mt Walsh National Park in Queensland Australia. It rained a lot and I'm seeing the big advantage of hanging instead of sleeping on the ground.

WBBB DL 1.1 with a WB Large Tarp. Just using a regular Thermarest Prolite 4 mat and a very light sleeping bag as a top quilt. Very comfortable sleep and being able to hang on the side of a hill where a tent just would not go was great.

Looking forward to some stealth camping with this setup.
Welcome and thanks for posting the pictures. I love the 2nd picture on the hillside in your original post and the last one over the picnic table in your most recent post. To any doubters I would say, "Try that in a tent!" Anyway, great stuff.
- Mark