I have been thinking, of all my tarps i currently poses (which are numerous) really dont cover my ENO all that well. I thought of using my 8x10 on the diagonal, but thats a huge ridgeline. I also think I want to start using the ENO again as Im not really happy with my latest DIY zHammock, and my other DIY hammock is too short. So back (for now) to the ENO. AS stated ealier I really dont have a trap to cover the ends. I do have a HH asym tarp that could work in a pinch, but, well we a rant over the stock HH tarps. SOoooo to get to my point...I've been seeing a lot of ground tarps from Mtn Lural Designs and Gossimer Gear made out of spinker fabric. Yes I know the tradeoffs in durability, but Im never real tough on my sil tarps. Sooo the questions arises If anyone has experience with the material, and how difficult is it to sew. Any insight would be helpful.

Also, where can I get a 60" roll of it.