I just got home from the area in question.


I didn't see ANY signs of fire.

We hiked from the swinging bridge to Indian staircase on the Sheltowee, spent the night there, no fire damage there. In rte to the trailhead, passed by the trailhead of Bison Way, no fire damage there. Hiked to lost branch trail, no fire damage there. Could see ALOT of acres from atop the cliffs at & near Indian staircase, not one burnt tree in evidence.

Summation: hiked 5 miles each side of Bison way on the Sheltowee trace, didn't hike the bison way, but were at each end & it's only 3/4 mile long. As far as I could tell, there is no fire damage there.

More good news: a good portion of the trash that was there last trip is gone, and I found that there is indeed water nearby.

I was with 2 tent campers, not a problem on IS, but ( ) I fond about 70 great hammock sites on Osborne bend loop trail, they finally SETTLED on a sloping site. Both complained of having to wake several times to re-position due to sliding down hill, I laughed at them & said "I slept fine", for some unknown reason Matt hit me