I ordered a HH Explorer Delux Asym as my first hammock. I have done a bit of tent camping but this will be my first hammock tent so i don't know what to expect.

90% of my camping is done when the lowest temps are above 45* but I hope to be prepared for any weather. I'm looking for sugestions as to what arrangement you would recomend for me. here is the criteria:

I tend to be very cold natured when i sleep.
I'm 6'2" 260lbs so i need a big enough sleeping bag to be comfortable.
Weight is not a huge issue to me, i am not to the point where i'm counting every ounce.
trying to stay around $175 or less.
must be compatible with HH Explorer Dlx Asym
not really interested in making my own. (home made is fine but i don't have a sewing machine or any real sewing knowledge)
to be used for car camping or single-overnight hiking, I'm not a serious backpacker.

ummmm... if i left anythign out just ask but i'm open to any ideas about sleeping bags, quilts, pads, or anyhtign else to keep me warm in the spring and fall.