Well we have some really cold weather here in Alabama now. I slept in the backyard for the last two nights. It only dropped to 26º Sunday night but this morning at 5:00 am it was 17º. Both nights my set-up consisted of a double 1.1 BB, Yeti 3 season uq with reflective liner, and a Neoair mattress under a Speer Winter Tarp. I started out wearing Polar Max fleece long underwear, wool socks, fleece balaclava, fleece gloves, fleece neck gaiter, JRB down hood and used a Go Lite Ultra 20 tq. I was toasty with this configuration Sunday night but I woke a little cool at around 3:30 this morning and wrapped my feet in a Puffball vest and put on a Marmot Dri Clime and went back to sleep.

With the lows expected to be in the teens for the rest of the week I'm going to try another set-up. It is supposed to go as low as 12º Thursday night and I am going to try the Yeti uq in combination with a JRB Stealth summer uq and eliminate the neoair. I am also going to supplement the Go Lite Ultra 20 with a Go Lite down jacket.

I am very cold natured and have been reluctant to try winter hanging but it appears that I can keep myself warm. The Thursday night test has the possibility of including rain, ice and snow. That will be a real test for me.