Greetings forum from the Yukon,

after canoeing down the river for two weeks in the summer with two friends I can't get those hammocks out of my head. one buddy had a hh and I really liked it. every night when I crouched under my tarp on my sleeping pad i rememberd how comfy the hammock was when i had tried it.

so here I am. currently deciding about the details of the blackbird that shall soon be mine. brandon suggests that i either take 1.1 dl or 1.7 sl.

it is not about the weight (175 lbs). thats what i found out so far.
1.7 sl pros:
a little better flexibility of the fabric (not sure whether that is really true)

1.1 dl pros:
secure ccf

I plan on using the bb with a crowsnest and a small ccf for the rest. (don't know how much that will be cause this will be my first hammock)
I will be using it for hiking and any other activity where you have to carry your own stuff. so far my hiking trips have been not longer than 2-3 weeks but next summer i will probably spent several months i the bb.

How should I decide? As I have no experience I would like to get some input from the massive amount of experience that seems to be floating around this forum. what else should i consider? what are the most important pros for yourself? and why?

thanks for reading