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Well, it's valuable information either way.
Yeah, it's valuable to Pan's bottom line income.

Seriously, the last time I checked, this forum was about hammocking, discussing hammocks, and hammock-related products, not convincing people to buy one manufacturer's product. Pan's post above goes a step beyond that.

I'm not knocking any JRB products. I understand that they are well made, quality offerings. But, we don't need to hear that from Pan on every post.

Many other forums have manufacturer-specific sections and vendors are asked to restrict their 'propaganda posts' to their own section. While this forum has a hammock-manufacturers section, it doesn't have a 'hammock accessory manufacturers' section. I think there should be one created, make JRB (and every other accessory vendor) their own forum area, and let them talk about their products and answer questions there.

That wouldn't preclude any of the vendors from being normal forum participants, but it would give them a place to 'talk up their goods' without spamming threads.

I'm sure I'll get blasted for saying this, but someone needed to.