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    Quote Originally Posted by d.frentzel View Post
    Thanks for this welcome. My last vacation 09 with my family was to Washington D.C. than with a Campmobil to the Coast and to the Shenandoah National Park.
    Always on this Holidays i looked on the Campgrounds for Hammock People but i doesn´t see anyone.

    regards Dirk
    "we few, we happy few.."
    Hammock camping is a fairly new technique- this is your chance to be on the cutting edge of innovation!
    be sure to check out the do-it yourself forum- a lot of the equipment and gear we use is homemade or produced by small business, not by the major gear suppliers; as there is not a significant percentage of campers clamoring for these type of things yet. But we will build it; and they will come.
    Hope this is helpful, KM
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